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X-ray Crystallography

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ZoBio provides high-resolution structure determination by X-ray crystallography to support our customer’s drug discovery projects. It is well known that NMR and X-ray crystallography are highly complementary techniques for protein structure determination. For certain targets, it is very challenging to obtain crystals of small molecule – protein complexes and NMR has proven its value more than once by providing structural information in such cases. On the other hand, it is not uncommon that a protein produces a poor NMR spectrum while it is successfully co-crystallized or soaked with small molecules.

Access to both in-house and synchrotron data collection facilities enables fast turnaround and high-throughput structure determination. By offering both NMR and crystallography as services, ZoBio can answer the most complex research questions. We can quickly proceed with the best method of choice to generate structural information in a timely fashion and keeping costs for our customers to a minimum.

We routinely produce crystal grade protein for biophysical studies and the implementation of Protein Domain Trapping (PDT) enables us to readily select highly expressing soluble proteins. By offering both X-ray crystallography and NMR based solutions for structure elucidation, we continue to help our customers reach their goals: Deliver the medicines of the future.

A) SAH-bound DOT1L crystals produced by ZoBio. Compound A, a non SAH-competitive ligand, could be soaked into crystals of the DOT1L – SAH complex. B) Compound A (yellow surface), discovered through screening of the ZoBio fragment library, binds at a novel site on DOT1L, adjacent to the substrate loop (blue). SAH is shown in orange and the activation loop in red. Diffraction data was acquired at the ESRF in Grenoble, France.

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