Tools for fragment based drug discovery

Structural Biology

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X-ray crystallographyIt is widely recognized that the process of elaborating a fragment hit towards a lead is rendered much more efficient by the availability of structural information on the ligand – target interaction. Together with X-ray crystallography, we provide an array of NMR based technologies to obtain structural information on ligand – protein complexes, including challenging targets.

The ZoBio NMR Pyramid® illustrates the different levels of structural information on ligand – target complexes that can be obtained by NMR. At the bottom of the NMR Pyramid, Competition Binding experiments provide low resolution structural information on the binding location of ligands with minimal requirements to the protein. Moving upwards through the Pyramid, isotope labeled protein is required and increased NMR efforts are needed, which leads to higher resolution structural information.

Competition Binding / Binding Site Location / Binding Orientation / Structure Elucidation


Click on the NMR Pyramid for a description of the different stages of the NMR Pyramid, starting with
Competition Binding experiments and moving up to full NOE-based Structure Elucidation by NMR.

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