ZoBio is the established, market leading innovator of an array of biophysical
techniques to support modern drug discovery efforts.

In its 9 years of existence, ZoBio has integrated modern drug discovery technologies into an
efficient pipeline, to support hit to lead programs on targets that no other CRO can address.



Starting with our proprietary Target Immobilized NMR Screening (TINS) technology, which has been used in over 60 projects to deliver highly validated fragment ligands for a wide array of challenging targets. ZoBio is developing industry leading, innovative techniques to support FBDD, including novel NMR methods to rapidly elucidate the structure of target-ligand complexes. Computational chemistry methods are integrated with our exclusive NMR techniques to steer hit-to-lead optimization and enable rapid progression of fragment hits into potent and ligand-efficient lead compounds.

Combined with ZoBio's in-house protein production, orthogonal validation methods, such as SPR and biochemical assays, X-ray crystallography and direct access to exclusive synthetic chemistry, ZoBio possesses all the tools to support Fragment Based Drug Discovery programs, from gene to lead.

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